LinkedIn Now Available!

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve added Instagram and Google My Business to the Lava Surf platform. So, we’re more than excited to announce the addition of LinkedIn publishing to our platform!

With the addition of LinkedIn publishing, you will be able to connect up your LinkedIn company pages and publish image, link, and video posts. LinkedIn publishing will be especially useful in helping you share your own blog content which can drive traffic back to your website.

To connect your LinkedIn account, simply navigate to Social Accounts and click “Connect” under LinkedIn. You’ll then need to accept the permissions that we’ll require to connect up your LinkedIn pages as well as publish on your behalf.

Once your account is all connected up and you’ve imported your pages, you can start publishing posts. You can create and publish posts to LinkedIn all within Launcher just like you would for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If you have an questions in regards to getting set up with LinkedIn, please contact your Lava Surf account manager or your admin.

Lava Surf Dashboard Update

Lava Surf is unveiling several new features to make your experience with social media management more seamless! The newest updates on the Lava Surf Dashboard are Google My Business publishing and review response and Instagram comment moderation.

Google My Business Publishing and Review Response

We have further integrated Google My Business into the Lava Surf platform so you can now view and respond to reviews on your Google listings all with the Moderation dashboard. Why is this important?  By not responding to your reviews you run the risk of increasing your customer churn by 15%. 

In addition to being able to moderate from the dashboard, you can now publish “What’s New” photos and link posts to your Google My Business profiles. When creating a link post, you will also be able to select a call to action to go with your post.

To view and respond to Google reviews, visit the ‘Moderate’ page under Moderation after you’ve connected up Google My Business. If you don’t have a Google listing set up for one of your locations, you can learn how to set that up here.

You will, however, not be able to publish video posts to your Google My Business profiles since that has not been made available through Google yet.

Instagram Post Comment Moderation

With the number of users on Instagram increasing daily, moderation is becoming more important than ever. As a Lava Surf user, you can now view comments made on all your Instagram posts and respond to them through the dashboard!

All comments made on posts published to any of your connected Instagram profiles will be viewable in the Moderation dashboard. You will also be able to respond to comments, allowing you to easily engage with your followers.

Please contact your admin or Lava Surf account manager if you have questions on setting up your Google My Business account and profiles.

Lava Surf teams with LoyaltyPlant to help multi-unit restaurant brands

Lava Surf has teamed with NYC-based LoyaltyPlant to help multi-unit restaurant brands build an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. This partnership will empower franchise restaurant chains with opportunities to effectively and seamlessly communicate with customers through their white-label branded mobile apps, as well as social media pages.

LoyaltyPlant’s mobile solution integrated with a handy CRM-system will allow users to automatically engage with customers 24/7, easily process their requests and orders, and ultimately sell more. LoyaltyPlant provides:




Both of our teams have spent years in the multi-unit & SAAS spaces. As a result, we perfectly understand each others’ needs for a simple, effective, & flexible system with services that can be tailored to a specific brand and internal needs.

“This team-up will surely enhance our customers’ brand integrity and increase their revenue. Businesses can now create more powerful social media campaigns through our partnership with Lava Surf. This will inevitably increase app downloads through social media referrals,” — said Joe Caraballo, Head of Partnerships at LoyaltyPlant.

Learn more here.