Lava Surf teams with LoyaltyPlant to help multi-unit restaurant brands

Lava Surf has teamed with NYC-based LoyaltyPlant to help multi-unit restaurant brands build an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. This partnership will empower franchise restaurant chains with opportunities to effectively and seamlessly communicate with customers through their white-label branded mobile apps, as well as social media pages.

LoyaltyPlant’s mobile solution integrated with a handy CRM-system will allow users to automatically engage with customers 24/7, easily process their requests and orders, and ultimately sell more. LoyaltyPlant provides:




Both of our teams have spent years in the multi-unit & SAAS spaces. As a result, we perfectly understand each others’ needs for a simple, effective, & flexible system with services that can be tailored to a specific brand and internal needs.

“This team-up will surely enhance our customers’ brand integrity and increase their revenue. Businesses can now create more powerful social media campaigns through our partnership with Lava Surf. This will inevitably increase app downloads through social media referrals,” — said Joe Caraballo, Head of Partnerships at LoyaltyPlant.

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