Social media can be the Wild West of marketing for multi-unit brands—but you don’t have to go it alone! LavaSurf was created to help companies just like you effortlessly create, manage, and measure thousands of local pages across several social media platforms - all under one roof.



Control your
brand message


Moderate the conversation;
Listen & respond


Schedule & publish content
to all or select pages


Localize your content
and posts


Equip people with brand
approved content


Keep a pulse on your brand...
Down to the local level

Product Platform

Our unique multi-location platform and amazing support team provides social media solutions on both a national and local level by allowing you to:

  • Create or take over thousands of local pages with ease
  • Integrate in with multiple social platforms
  • Manage pages’ profiles, cover images, addresses, comments, etc.
  • Customized content delivery
  • Organize, tailor, and localize content distribution
  • Push and pull content to and from pages
  • Page moderation
  • Reporting with next step deliverables

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We help you scale

Whether it is maximizing the use of current digital assets or scaling your internal team. LavaSurf helps you scale efficiently without the costs.

What would have taken you an army to manage is now simplified down to as little as one. Our platform makes it easy for your internal team to manage any number of pages across multiple social platforms. This saves you time and money… both things you always want more of, right?

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Why local

Engagement! Engagement! Read all about it!
The results are in: Localized social media substantially increases customer engagement and sales for multi-unit brands. Infact, local pages receive 5 times the reach and 8 times the engagement.

Learn more about why going local is the key to success.

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Traditional vs. social

Brands can spend a lot of money on traditional marketing trying to reach the right customer. What do they have to show for all their blood, sweat, and tears? Another lonely billboard.

Where traditional lacks, social media makes up. With social media, multi-unit brands can have high, targeted exposure at a fraction of the cost plus the added bonuses of real customer interactions and true brand advocacy.

Like to waste money? We didn’t think so!

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