Facebook changes to custom link posts July 2017

Facebook is making a change to its ability to customize links posts. As of July 18, Facebook will remove the ability to customize link previews for Facebook group and profile posts in an effort to reduce fake news and a misrepresenting of link content. This will effect all of Facebook’s API partners, including Lavasurf.

The ability to customize the image, title or description of a link preview in Facebook profile or group posts will no longer be available.  

Facebook will now only pull the link previews from a websites metadata. If you share a link to a website that is not your own, be aware that it may not have this metadata available. So a complete link preview with an image may not be generated in some cases.

Note that posts scheduled to go out after July 17 will do so without any link customization. The links will instead display their default metadata, if available.

Facebook has documentation on sharing web-hosted content to ensure that links from your own sites are shared with optimal link preview data.