New and Improved Profile Group Creation


NEW Simpler Profile Group Creation

We knew that creating profile groups previously wasn’t as simple as it should be. So, we came up with an easier and simpler way to create profile groups.

First off, profile groups make profile selection on a new post very quick. If you have hundreds of profiles, it can be a pain to scroll through them to find the right ones to select. Profile group selection makes this so easy that it only requires one click. The platform will automatically select all the profiles that you have previously grouped together in Profile Groups saving you time and headaches.

Now let’s have a discussion on the new and improved profile group creation feature. To create a new profile group, you simply need to navigate to “Profile Groups” which can be found in Launcher. Once there, all you need to do is:

  1. Click to create a new profile group and name it (i.e. California locations)
  2. Select the social network you would like to create it for
  3. Select your profiles you would like to add
  4. Click the double arrow button to add them over
  5. And SAVE!

Now that your new profile group is created, when you’re creating a new post, you will see it in the group selection when adding profiles the post should publish to.

You can also view our tutorial video HERE on how to create and utilize a new profile group.

If you have an questions, you can also contact your admin or Lava Surf account manager.