Let’s Get Engaged

Let’s Get Engaged:

Wanna put a ring on it?

What does the word “engagement” mean?

No, we aren’t talking about the getting-down-on-one-knee/ diamond ring type of engagement. We’re talking about anything your followers do to interact with your brand online. We’re talking about your comments, shares, likes and follows.

Why is engagement important?

Engagement allows you to make and foster relationships with your followers. Just because you have a large following, does not mean that your online efforts are successful. Having an engaged following ensures that your followers are paying attention to you. Engagement allows for conversations to start about your product and increases your reach to your target audience. New followers will look to the engagement of your current followers to see if they can trust you as a brand.

How do you strengthen your engagement?

People invest in brands that they feel connected to. They purchase what they feel. Tapping into your follower’s emotions will be the quickest and most effective way to increase engagement. Try tapping into their humor, their fears, things that excite them.

While creating content, ask yourself:

  • What emotion will this envoke in my followers?
  • How will they respond to this content?
  • What does this content entice them to do?

Always leave your followers with an invitation for them to act on. Leaving a call to action allows them to act on that emotion they have tapped into because of your post. The stronger the emotion and the simpler the call to action, the more engagement you will receive.

When a couple gets engaged they are committed to each other. When we create engagement between our followers, we enter a committed relationship with them. We promise to create a meaningful experience for them while administering to their needs and they promise to become committed followers. Only when both sides of this promise are kept, will your engagement continue positively.